The Dangers of Asbestos in Homes

The Dangers of Asbestos in Homes

The Dangers of Asbestos in Homes 1200 1599 Envirox

The Dangers of Asbestos in Homes

When most people think of asbestos in residential houses, they think of houses built in the 70s or 80s. However, asbestos containing materials were used often in Australian building up until it was banned in the December of 2003. Knowledge of asbestos and the threats in your home is critical to keep yourself and your family safe.

What type of products are asbestos materials commonly used?

Building materials containing Asbestos can be found in a multitude of locations and products within a residential house. Common Asbestos containing products include;


  • Eaves, fascia’s and roofs
  • Electrical power boxes
  • Splashbacks behind kitchen counters
  • Debris under homes
  • Walls of fibre houses, garages or sheds
  • And many others


What is asbestos and what are the dangers?

Asbestos is naturally occurring fibrous rock that was frequently used in Australian homes for its heat resistant properties. These fibres are microscopic and can not be broken down by the body, leading to major respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Children, the elderly, smokers and people with underlying respiratory problems are more vulnerable to these illnesses.

Am I in danger in my home?

Living in a home with asbestos containing materials does not necessarily mean that you’re in danger. The main danger comes from the deterioration of the product due to weathering, aging or from breakages. Paints, Glues and other sealants are commonly used to reduce the risk of these materials, however removing asbestos from your home is always the safer option.

Can EnviroX Consulting assess the condition of my home?

Yes, our consultants are able to identify asbestos containing products via NATA accredited testing, assess the condition of theses products and present recommendations on what needs to be done to ensure your home is safe to occupy.

If you are renovating, demolishing or concerned about asbestos containing products in your residence, give 1300 599 996 a call to book an asbestos materials survey of your property.



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