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Recently acquired a home or building that may be built well prior to the year 2004? Happen to be investing into a large-scale renovation or demolition project? An Asbestos Material Survey (AMS) may be your solution.

EnviroX Consulting also conduct AMS inspections, these are fundamentally larger-scaled Asbestos Inspections. Its scope comprises of a full-detailed survey on a subject home or building to locate and assess the condition all asbestos-containing materials inside and out.

The Level of risk will also be determined on-site prior to the finialisation of the final Survey report – that way you will know whether or not if the particular area or room should be advisably excluded from any form of access until further notice. The produced Survey report will be written and formatted in a logical sequence detailing the building from inside out – this aids in the quick and easy locating of the determined material.

The report will consist of a simple yet informative register that will detail the building’s Room, surface, Material Application, Quantity, Units, Sample Type, Sample ID number, Photograph number, Analytical Result, Material Condition, Risk Status, Control Recommendations/Comments and review date. Each of the areas will be accompanied by photographs that will be taken on the day of inspection as observed by our trained consultant/s during our visit to ensure that everything you see in it is of our investigation of the property. Areas that do not contain the hazardous material will be labelled and marked to not contain the material and will still contain a control recommendation comment to advise what should be done.

Inaccessible areas will always be apparent in most of the buildings we conduct our investigations due to height restrictions, electrical hazards and privacy means which we will respect and still detail to explain so if so. These may be locked rooms, out of reach areas near rooftops (most of our consultants will still have the trained eye to label suspected ACM in the survey) and some subfloor spaces.

Whenever an Analytical Result depicts a Positive Sample, the type of Asbestos is further specified so that we will all know what we dealing with exactly. We rather be safe than sorry, our experience will allow us to presume the material is present when we suspect it to contain it.  The end report also reveals where exactly the required sample was retrieved from, we also document photographs before, during and following the retrieval procedure to ensure that you will be informed that it has been done safely – i.e. exposed edges sealed off completely. What keeps the asbestos cement sheeting safe and low risk is its bound matrix, by applying PVA glue and/or paint post removal and extraction, this keeps any potential loosened fibres tightly sealed and within its matrix. Our visit will reveal whether your Asbestos-containing materials are in a non-friable (bonded) form or friable form, recommended follow-up procedures will allow us to provide safe protocols to abide and understand by when working with or around the material.

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The several factors that can impact the cost of removing asbestos include:

  • The amount asbestos present in your property will lead to an increase in price. The more asbestos, the longer the removal process will take and therefore, the more that will cost in the long run.
  • ….

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