Delivering timely, accurate & effective
Environmental Consulting

EnviroX exist to make the the environment a better and safer place. We do this by delivering timely and accurate Environmental consulting, specialising in air monitoring, asbestos testing, mould testing and other hazardous material surveys. We help both businesses and end consumers alike , no job is too small or big for the EnviroX Consulting team.
  • Timely same day reporting (upon request)
  • Actionable insights and clearances on the same day. 
  • Working in all rural and urban areas ( specialising in Asbestos, Lead, Mould and more)
  • Working with NATA Certified labs for testing and samples.
  • Specialist services and rates for Insurance and Project Management Companies.
  • Dedicated Consultants per project for timeliness and quick turn around.


If you are renovating, building, or live in a house built prior to 2004 then there is a chance you are dealing with asbestos containing materials because only in 31 December, 2003 asbestos and all products containing asbestos were been banned throughout Australia.   EnviroX consulting prides itself on providing detailed inspections to determine the presence and absence of asbestos containing materials, and to determine condition and risks of the materials inspected. Our reports have an easy to read conclusion section with key points about the inspectionService

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