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Asbestos Clearances

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Asbestos Clearance


Why do I need an Asbestos Clearance Report?

Following any removal of 10m2 of asbestos or more, NSW Workplace Health and Safety Regulations require that a clearance inspection is undertaken by an independent licensed asbestos assessor to ensure that the area, and surrounding areas, are safe for unprotected personnel to reoccupy and that no asbestos containing materials posing a health risk remain. Without undertaking an asbestos clearance inspection, it is unknown whether the asbestos removal has been conducted to a safe and satisfactory standard and could pose a health risk to future occupants, making you legally liable. No unprotected personnel are able to enter the area until an asbestos clearance certificate is obtained. All EnviroX consultants are qualified licensed asbestos assessors who demonstrate their expertise and diligence required when dealing with a hazardous material such as asbestos for asbestos clearances.

Asbestos Air Monitoring

Some clearance inspections, especially during and following the removal of friable asbestos materials, will also require airborne asbestos monitoring to be undertaken to ensure that no loose fibres were released during removal, or remain within the subject area following removal. This is useful as an added precaution with non friable asbestos removal in close proximity to neighbouring properties, public areas, schools or high traffic areas to assure that there was no dispersal of asbestos fibres to any surrounding areas. It is also useful as an added reassurance of safety of the removal area and quality of removal works.

All testing of airborne asbestos monitoring samples are conducted by a NATA accredited laboratory.

What does an Asbestos Clearance Report contain?

Asbestos clearance inspection reports contain detailed information and photographs of the site and specific removal area being assessed, as well as the asbestos removalists name and licence number for reference if any issues arise in the future. All of EnviroX Consulting’s reports contain the name and assessor licence number of the consultant that undertook the inspection, and state that the removal works have been undertaken to a satisfactory standard, and that no visible asbestos containing materials remain within the subject area.

EnviroX Consulting’s asbestos clearance inspection reports will also contain results of any asbestos containing material samples or airborne asbestos monitoring samples collected during the clearance inspection, tested by a NATA accredited laboratory.

Visual non-friable asbestos clearance reports, following a detailed visual inspection of the subject area, will be created and sent to the client ASAP to limit any delay to potential further works or reoccupation of the area while waiting for the report.

EnviroX uses a combination of the latest technology and techniques in science to ensure reports are delivered on time and are appropriately detailed to ensure there is no issue with Safework, managing authorities, local councils or clients.

Any asbestos samples taken or airborne asbestos monitoring conducted may be fast tracked upon request in order to receive results and clearance as soon as possible.

EnviroX Consulting ensures that all asbestos clearance reports are thorough and detailed, while being comprehensive and easy to understand to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied with the asbestos removal works and clearance inspection undertaken.

Asbestos Make Safe Reports

If asbestos materials are found to be in a poor condition such as damaged or broken asbestos, potentially causing a health risk, in some cases a make safe can be conducted instead of permanently removing the asbestos (this may be due to cost, time restrains or inaccessibility).

The report will be similar to an asbestos clearance report outlining the steps taken to ensure that the subject area is safe for unprotected personnel to reoccupy under the temporary make safe measures. The only way to make asbestos 100% safe is to have it completely removed from the location, however, so a make safe report is useful to nullify any immediate risk to health, or in order to conduct other works in the proximity of asbestos.

Asbestos removalists will be contracted to make an area safe in regards to the asbestos hazard as a temporary alternative to a complete asbestos removal. This will include removing any friable or respirable asbestos and sealing or encapsulating remaining bonded asbestos containing material to a satisfactory standard; ensuring that no loose asbestos fibres can be released into the air, and no further disturbance of the asbestos occurs until a complete removal can be conducted.

Why use EnviroX for asbestos clearance inspections?

EnviroX Consulting ensures that all asbestos clearance inspections are conducted by a qualified asbestos assessor in a timely manner in cooperation with the client, and that high quality and comprehensive reports are delivered on time along with results of any asbestos air monitoring conducted or asbestos containing material samples taken. Our consultants are happy to assist with and questions or enquiries and provide ongoing support in relation to the asbestos works, clearance inspection and asbestos air monitoring undertaken.

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