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Lead Inspections

Lead is a metal obtained from mining lead ore, which was used in a number of forms including pure metal, alloys (mixtures of metals) and as lead compounds. It has many uses including vehicle batteries, solder, many paint pigments, as a stabiliser to protect plastic from sun damage and extensive prior use in fuels for cars and industrial equipment. Lead paint in Australia was starting to be phased out from the 1970s with the allowable limit of lead particles in paint down to 0.1% as of 1997.

Lead can be inhaled through dust, fumes or swallowed through eating contaminated food or even smoking with uncleaned / lead dust contaminated fingers. Untreated lead poisoning in adults, children and pets can affect all systems in the body including the central and peripheral nervous system which can be fatal. Often pets are the first to show signs of lead poisoning due to their small body size.

Common symptoms of lead poisoning include:

  • loss of appetite
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • loss of weight
  • severe abdominal pains
  • muscle weakness
  • limb paralysis
  • headaches
  • tiredness
  • irritability

Continued exposure or high levels of exposure can cause serious long term health complications such as:

  • anaemia
  • kidney damage
  • nerve and brain damage

Lead paint inspection

If you are worried that your house or property contains lead paint, rather than risking the exposure, engage EnviroX Consulting to conduct an inspection to determine if any paints contain lead particles. During the inspection EnviroX will collect samples from the areas of concern (may be entire house or building) and create a report with conclusions and recommendations for the management of any lead paint contaminants within your home.

If lead paint is detected within the home it is important to minimise disturbance as much as possible to avoid the creation of lead dust which is easily respirable.

Lead dust inspection

When lead was used in industry and fuels there was a large concentrations of lead particles within the atmosphere. Over many years this lead has settled with the most common place for the lead dust to settle and build up being ceiling spaces. High lead dust concentrations are very common within ceiling spaces of houses or buildings that are over 30 years old, especially if the ceiling space has not been disturbed for the entire time.

A lead dust inspection will comprise of an Occupational Hygienist attending the site and collecting a sample (multiple if required) to determine if elevated lead dust concentrations are present. The most common location for lead dust inspections is within ceiling spaces however it is not limited to only this area with older uninhabited houses or warehouses showing a build up of lead contaminated dust. Once the sample/s has been analysed a report will be created stating results, conclusions and future recommendations of the subject area.

Lead removalists can be engaged through EnviroX Consulting to remove any lead contaminated paints or dusts. We will ensure that they have all the appropriate licenses, are cost effective and deliver a high quality of work.

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