Friable vs bonded (non-friable)

Friable vs bonded (non-friable)

Friable vs bonded (non-friable) 600 600 Envirox

Friable vs bonded

What is the difference between friable and non-friable (bonded) asbestos?

Asbestos was frequently used in Australia for its heat retardant properties and can be found in a multitude of products from fibre cement sheeting to rope lagging around pipes. The condition of these products can vary depending on the age or weathering of the product or the product itself.

Non-friable asbestos, often called bonded asbestos, is asbestos that is mixed with other materials such as concrete to make asbestos cement sheeting. If these materials are burnt or damaged, the condition of the product may be considered friable.

Friable asbestos is defined as an asbestos containing material that is “crushable under hand pressure”. Asbestos containing products such as burnt asbestos cement sheeting, rope laggings around pipes and asbestos containing dust, among others, fall into this category.

Who can remove friable or non-friable asbestos?

Individuals or businesses must have the relevant removalist licence for the correct condition of asbestos removal.


Non-Friable Removal

  • Class A or B removalist licence

Friable Removal

  • Class A removalist licence


Who can help identify the condition of asbestos?

Our trained consultants at EnviroX Consulting have experience in identifying asbestos, its location and the condition of asbestos containing materials. We can also offer recommendations on the removal/ maintenance or management of the area, to keep yourself, employees or love ones safe.

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