5 Common Asbestos Products in Residential Homes

5 Common Asbestos Products in Residential Homes

5 Common Asbestos Products in Residential Homes 2560 1920 Envirox

5 Common Asbestos Products in Residential Homes

Asbestos containing products were used in the construction of residential buildings for its heat-proof qualities. There are a few common asbestos containing products that are often seen by Occupational Hygienists in residential buildings.

Asbestos Cement Sheeting 

Asbestos cement sheeting is one of the most common materials that are often found in homes in Australia. Eaves, ceiling linings, gables, walls of garages/sheds and many other surfaces can contain asbestos

Super Six

Fences, Roofs of sheds and garages, and gutters are areas where Super Six was commonly used. This asbestos containing material is easily recognisable due to the “Colourbond” like appearance. Super Six materials contain the most asbestos found in residential properties


Electrical Backing Boards

Asbestos containing materials can often be found around electrical equipment. One common example of this are electrical backing boards.

Vinyl Tiles

Asbestos containing vinyl tiles can be found on the floors of kitchens, entrance ways and many other surfaces. Vinyl tiles usually have a low percentage of asbestos.

Asbestos Cement Sheeting Debris

Asbestos containing debris, from offcuts from the construction of the residence, can often be found in the subfloor, behind garages and sheds or within the soil of a residence.

Although there are only 5 examples of asbestos containing products in residential homes in this blog, however each house is different. If any of these products or other asbestos containing materials are present in your residence, consider contacting EnviroX Consulting.

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