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Work Cover NSW Nata Accreditation

The Work, Health and Safety Regulations 2011, states that any renovation or demolition work in a workplace built before December 31, 2003 now requires an Asbestos / hazardous materials audit / Survey / hazardous materials inspection,  and this includes residential unit buildings (WHS act 2011 chapter 8).

To determine if your house, site or work area, area for renovation, or even specific walls contain asbestos and would like a risk assessment to know the asbestos is posing a health risk.

If you are renovating, building, or live in a house built prior to 2004 then there is a chance you are dealing with asbestos containing materials because only in 31 December, 2003 asbestos and all products containing asbestos were been banned throughout Australia.

EnviroX consulting prides itself on providing detailed inspections to determine the presence and absence of asbestos containing materials, and to determine condition and risks of the materials inspected. Our reports have an easy to read conclusion section with key points about the inspection.

All asbestos samples are submitted to NATA accredited laboratories. The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) which is a nationally recognised accrediting body for laboratories. If you’re trying to identify asbestos, make sure testing is conducted by a NATA accredited laboratory if not testing reports may not be accepted by WorkCover, local councils, and other authorities.

NATA World Recognised Accreditation

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