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Work Cover NSW Nata Accreditation

Clearance Inspection

Following an asbestos removal an inspection is required or recommended to ensure the area is safe for unprotected personnel to reoccupy the area. Without an asbestos clearance inspection it is unknown is the asbestos removal has been conducted to a satisfactory standard. All EnviroX consultants are licensed asbestos assessors and demonstrate their expertise and diligence required when dealing with a hazardous material such as asbestos for asbestos clearances.

Visual bonded asbestos clearances reports following a detailed visual inspection a clearance report will be created on site and sent to the client as to not cause a delay waiting for the report.

EnviroX uses a combination of the latest technology and techniques in science to ensure reports are delivered on time and are detailed to ensure there is no issue with authorities or clients.

Make Safe

If asbestos is found to being in poor condition potentially causing a health risk instead of removing the asbestos a make safe can be implemented (may be due to cost or time restrains for this option to be used). The report will be similar to an asbestos clearance report showing that the subject area is safe for unprotected personnel to reoccupy the area following the make safe, although generally speaking the “make safe” will be for a short period of time.

Asbestos removalist will be contracted to make an area safe as an alternative to a complete asbestos removal. This will include removing friable asbestos, sealing or encapsulating asbestos material to a satisfactory standard ensuring no loose asbestos fibres can be released into the air.

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