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Asbestos Removal in Sydney

When renovating or demolishing a building that contains asbestos materials, you need to ensure that asbestos removal is performed prior to any works commencing. Ensuring the asbestos is removed safely, efficiently and in accordance with Government codes and legislations is a legal requirement and a good idea to keep all your workers, contractors and customers safe.

EnviroX Consulting do not remove asbestos as we are an Occupational Hygienist and Environmental Consultant company, however we do work with many asbestos removalists and are able to ensure that you receive competitive prices and an outstanding quality of work. High quality asbestos removalists are very important as you don’t want an asbestos removalist that will cut corners and not complete the job to a satisfactory standard; potentially putting you, your family or your workers at risk of potential exposure to asbestos.

As we have been working within the industry for many years, we know which asbestos removalist companies are good and which are not so good. EnviroX recommends asbestos clearance reports following any asbestos removal, whether it is less than or greater than 10m2, as it ensures that a high quality removal job has been completed and there is no risk for anyone to reoccupy the area without wearing protective equipment.

The cost of asbestos removal can vary widely between contractors. Asbestos removalists selected and contracted through EnviroX Consulting are chosen based on known competency, adherence to safe working procedures and value for money. However, we strongly discourage anyone from engaging suspiciously low cost asbestos removal companies that you might come across due to the risks associated with the potential low quality of works and appropriate legal licensing.

Friable asbestos removal

Friable asbestos can be classified in many different ways; asbestos containing debris smaller than 7mm, is able to be crushed under hand pressure or is in a loose, powder form. This also includes previously non-friable ‘bonded’ material that has been crushed, broken or damaged through mechanical force or that has deteriorated overtime. Friable asbestos is the most dangerous state of asbestos because it’s able to release respirable asbestos fibres into the air which can in turn be inhaled into the lungs potentially causing adverse health problems.

Due to the high risk works when dealing with friable asbestos, WorkCover requires a special license for its removal. Only Class A licensed asbestos removalist’s are allowed to remove friable asbestos materials while both Classes A and B licensed asbestos removalists are permitted to remove bonded asbestos materials. If engaging an asbestos removalist company on your own, make sure they have the required licences for the scope of works.

Classifying an area as either bonded or friable asbestos can be quite difficult as it is not always visibly obvious. Instead of trying to determine if asbestos materials are friable or bonded, it is advisable to contact a competent occupational hygienist to conduct an asbestos inspection and risk assessment prior to undertaking any removal works to determine what class of removalist is required to undertake the works.

Do it yourself asbestos removal (DIY)

Asbestos removal doesn’t legally require a license if it meets the following requirements:

  • Less than 10m2 of asbestos or asbestos-containing material is being removed
  • The asbestos being removed is classified as bonded asbestos and not friable
  • Not a commercial building or within a workplace

If you have a small amount of bonded asbestos you may be tempted to conduct the removal yourself or hire a cheap unlicensed removalist. EnviroX Consulting highly discourages this as the potential risks are too high for untrained, unaware and unlicensed removalists. A small exposure could not only impact on your life but also of those around you.

EnviroX Consulting still recommends that a clearance inspection is undertaken following removal works to ensure the quality of the asbestos removal.

Asbestos Air Monitoring during asbestos removal

Airborne Asbestos Monitoring is legally required during friable asbestos material removal as the potential for loose fibres to escape the subject area during the removal is very high. While it is not legally required, EnviroX Consulting recommends airborne asbestos monitoring during all asbestos removal works greater than 10m2 and especially if the area is adjacent to a public location such as walkways, shops and schools. As per the Codes of Practice – How To Safely Remove Asbestos

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